Rehabilitation of the blocks 10 to 13
of Lagarteiro neighborhood

The rehabilitation of common areas of the blocks 10 to 13 of Lagarteiro neighborhood corresponds to an intervention in 24 similar buildings – 8 dwellings in each building distributed through the model right/left in 4 floors. The block 10 integrates also houses in its basement. All the blocks have a concrete structure, closed by prefabricated panels and bricks.

The main goal of this intervention was the neighborhood valorization, focusing in the following issues:

1. Rehabilitation of building facades, including painting of prefabricated elements and treatment of ceramic bricks.

2. Stairwell's closure, including new concrete pavements in common areas and lighting.

3. Window replacement, through introducing new systems in aluminum with double glass and shutters.

4. Introduction of architectonic elements for hiding clotheslines.

5. Replacement of roof ceramic tiles by a new aluminum sheet system with thermal isolation.

6. Introducing new nets for water supply, electricity, gas and ITED.


Promoter – GOP, EEM

Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Collaboration – Rosa Maria Bastos, Gonçalo Oom, Joana Moreira

Gas – Augusto Teixeira

Electricity – Ruben Sobral

Project/ Construction – 2014 / 2015

Construction Company – Befebal Lda.

Surveillance – André Camelo e Pedro Reis / AFA Plan

Location – Bairro do Lagarteiro, Porto

Photos – Paulo Tormenta Pinto