Municipality Services Amadora/Oeiras - Competition

By its programmatic and strategic dimension, the new building of the technical services of the SMAS Oeiras and Amadora, acquire relevance in Oeiras and Lisbon metropolitan area. This location will create a central operation of water services, aggregating in a single location, a set of municipal divisions which so far are dispersed in Oeiras. It Will also be in this place that will make the management of water and sanitation in the municipality of Amadora.

This new building, characterized by its materiality, is largely defined by its structural system. It is the architectural reference of the upper level, where are the administrative areas, which constitutes the crowning and stronger reference of new construction. This level is designed on the basis of a lattice system, releases the interior space through flexible adaptation to various building uses and methods of organizing space. The slender trellis that features the building is designed with sinuous. At the same time it expresses the infrastructural aspect of this equipment SMAS Oeiras and Amadora, structural demand ripple in the reference image of a liquid stream.

The architectural design allows, especially when the building is seen in the distance, the idea of creating something that simply lands on the higher elevation of hill of Leceia. This image is growing interest at the time the building is observed during the night, since it will be like a brand of light in the distance, between land and sea, the municipality of Oeiras.




Promoter – Municipaliy of Oeiras

Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Collaboration – Rosa Maria Bastos, Ivone Gonçalves e Pedro Baptista Coelho

Structure – Miguel Villar / BETAR

Water and Sewage – Andreia Cardoso / BETAR

Acclimatization – Galvão Teles

Security and Electricity – Rúben Sobral

Project – 2011

Location – Oeiras