Public Library of Guadalajara, Mexico - Competition

The Public Library of the State of Jalisco, stands on a platform that rises relative to the new University Cultural Center, being constructed from that new level like a huge shelf facing to the city of Guadalajara.

The New Public Library Jalisco, invited input from all, be an “Agora”, a democratic place. The clarity of its topology allow even with distance and from Av. Periférico Norte , understand how the building is organized. The typology of the Library is organized into longitudinal litters contained in a volume of 20 meters wide. From the outside, the collections represented arise in a Theme Wall, which emphasizes the argument of Culture, present in University Center. The rise between 14 levels of library develops through an escalator, with great simplicity that relates the different collections.

The New Public Library of Jalisco, create seduction and will wake up in users, as suggested in Borges' Library of Babel, the desire to discover a book that summarizes all the books, but just in case that book does not exist, the library will enrapt visitors motivating infinite seeks full of pleasure and curiosity.


Promoter – Cultural University Center of Jalisco

Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Collaboration – Gonçalo Lencastre and Tânia Campos

Structure – BETAR, Lda.

Water and Sewage – BETAR, Lda.

Acclimatization – Galvão Teles

Electricity – JOULE

Project/ Construction – 2005

Location – Guadalajara, Mexico