Refurbishment of 2 de Maio Square, Viseu [3rd Prize | Public Competition]

The refurbishment project of 2 de Maio Square, in Viseu, had the criteria to conduct a little intrusive coverage that allows transforming the plaza into an open forum for community participation in all seasons without constraints in relation to weather changes.

The originality of the proposal lies in the way how the proportion of the new project was worked. The implementation accuracy of new the vertical structure, will allow to be diluted in the set of the existing magnolias, which will be held in full dialogue with the new proposal that will dignify it as an essential material from the old market space. The proposal cover rises above the volumes of the wings of the Square 2 of May, achieving that the new piece does not compete with the architectural expression of Siza Vieira's work. The coverage suggests a new heaven to that place, floating in the tangency of the existing trees, which fills the intermediate space, densify the various architectural moments that come up to ground level. On the left, one of the pillars that support the roof assumes by the difference, receiving in the center of the double support a sink that collect rainwater from the new coverage, which will be subsequently reused.




Promoter – Câmara Municipal de Viseu

Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Collaboration – Rosa Maria Bastos, Joana Moreira,
Nuno Roque, Gonçalo da Silva

Structure – Miguel Villar / BETAR

Project/ Construction – 2015

Location – Praça 2 de Maio, Viseu