PER - Bairro de Santos, Lisbon

The PER intervention in Rego, is held next to the market of Santos neighborhood. Taking into account the local geometry the proposal consists of a band of 5 repeated batches (Unit A), and a car park in basement developed on two levels plus a square that is set for 7 lots (Unit B).

The lots 1-5, that make this Unit A are 3 floors of housing, plus 1 for the equipment at ground floor level. The facades of the lots will be characterized by a twist of the plane of elevation, which is defined by a brick wall facing. These brick walls are volumes balanced cantilever.

The lots 6-9 composing the B unit will have 4 floors of housing typologies with T2 / T2, being considered a variation of the ground-floor, T1 / T2 level. These will be served by a column consisting of a vertical access ladder without elevator. These plots are characterized by a very rational elevation defined by the repetition of openings on a brick wall facing. Lots 10-12, also in Unit B will be characterized by twists in the gaps in order to earn the light source for the rooms.







Promoter – Municipaliy of Lisbon

Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto / CML

Structures – Ferreira Lopes, Inês Cardoso, Nuno Saraiva / CML

Water and Sewage – Elizabete Carvalho / CML

Electricity and Telecommunications – Pimenta Sousa, João Pires / CML

Landscape – Cristina Cardoso / CML

Irrigation Network – Amália Antão / CML

Infrastructures – Conceição Martins / CML

Construction Company – CME, SA

Project/ Construction – 1996/2001

Location – Bairro de Santos, Lisbon

Photos – Francisco Oliveira