PER - Calhariz de Benfica, Lisboa
[INH Award 2002 | Municipal Production]

The actual Calhariz of Benfica is the memory of the outskirts of Lisbon and their farms. The railway line from Sintra and fusion of IC-19 with CRIL and the 2nd Circular difficult knot of Buraca have isolated this city area of high density construction featuring Benfica.

The architectural solution lies primarily in creating a series of public spaces, whose qualification is based on its morphological and chromatic definition, all of which are connected by a water line that punctuates the limits of intervention.

The land for the project under consideration is characterized by a kind of ramp plan, whose topography was essential to create two different morphological levels, towards East / West allowing an interesting dialogue with the surrounding.

The buildings have typologically organizational systems of T1, T2, T3 or T4, setting 3 units totaling 14 lots and 91 dwellings. The internal organization of the houses is of great simplicity eliminating the most of the servant’s spaces, there is a clear difference between social and intimate areas of the house. The symmetry is present in most of the architectural proposal being subverted in some situations, particularly in terms of the composition of elevations when facing the outside of the proposal.





Promoter – Municipaliy of Lisbon

Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto / CML

Collaboration – Alfredo Escada / CML

Structure – Nuno Saraiva and José Mata / CML

Water, Gas and Sewage – Elisabete Carvalho and Cândida Tojeira / CML

Electricity and Telecommunications – Ivo Machado / CML

Landscape – Paulo Tormenta Pinto and Nuno Maia Malta / CML

Irrigation Network – Amália Antão / CML

Public lighting – Carlos Bastos / CML

Infrastructure – António Silva / CML

Supervision – Lúcio Costa Rodrigues and José Aleixo

Construction Company – Obrecol – Obras e Construção, S.A.

Project/ Construction – 1999 / 2001

Location – Calhariz Benfica, Lisbon

Photos – Francisco Oliveira