Patio do Padeiro, Montijo

Patio do Padeiro is an ancient village in the fishermen's village located near the city of Montijo.

The ambiance of the patio sets to a very particular scale, where one by one the houses were individualized through colors and shapes in successive transformations that reflect a popular attitude. These constructions typically with a single floor, characterized by a roof and by a simple water elevations, mostly defined by two openings, one door and one window. It is architecture of regular masonry walls arranged orthogonally to the central urban street layout.

The interior space was treated as a container in the full expression of their volume. The action of the project focused on the full compression of the functional program each house (kitchen, bathroom and staircase), releasing a three-dimensional space consisting of the empty living areas, eat and sleep, (this one in mezzanine).

The compression of functional areas of the houses was done by introducing a lined wallpaper which allows filtering and manipulating light defining scenographically the domestic scene with this theme wall. Compression of the functional structure of each house  around the thematic walls, creates various spatial approaches inside the home, promoting external readings of the volumetric void.




Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Collaboration – Rosa Maria Bastos, Gonçalo Lencastre and Tânia Campos

Construction Company and Infrastructures – Somassa, Lda.

Project/ Construction – 2005 / 2006

Location – Pátio do Padeiro, Montijo

Photos – FG+SG