Municipal Pool, São João Madeira - Competition

The image of the new building of the Municipal Swimming Pool of São João da Madeira, is defined by the expression of its materiality, and the tripartite division into layers of its volumes. The first in a black agglomerated cork, very dense and tactile, the second in metallic satin and with very smooth white and lastly the plane of cover, very slight coated metal plate also painted white. The expression of coverage will have a strong impact when viewed from below, because of its constructive dimension, put in relief the entire yellowish expression of laminated wood in its original aspect.

Considering the morphological characteristics of the land, it was decided to propose a building in three levels, one being in basement comprising technical areas, water tanks pools and parking. The ground level will appear in the continuity of the green plane sporting venue. It will be at ground floor the entering to the new swimming pool complex and the control of access to the enclosure. Is also at this level the access to areas locker room, bar and health club. The 1st floor is intended for administrative services of equipment, areas of the stands watching the pools and gyms.




Promoter – Municipaliy of São João da Madeira

Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Collaboration – Rosa Maria Bastos, Ivone Gonçalves, Pedro Baptista Coelho, Hugo Coelho e Gary Barber

Structure – Miguel Villar / BETAR

Water and Sewage – Andreia Cardoso / BETAR

Acclimatization – Galvão Teles

Security and Electricity – Rúben Sobral

Landscape Architecture – João Nunes / PROAP

Project – 2011

Location – São João da Madeira