Mortuary Chapels of Santos-o-Velho
[Habitar Portugal 2009-2011 Award]

The rehabilitation of the Mortuary Chapels of Santos-o-Velho, seeks integration in the built assembly of the Church of the Holy Martyrs.

A sequence of spaces articulates, in sequence, to correlate the entrance of the building with the mortuary chapels. Some elements, such as the heavy steel door or the glass gaps or even the rhythm of light mirrored on transparencies, prepare the transition to the sacred space. The light acts as the main material in the project. It is the light that crosses and rips spaces, materializing all intentions. The elements that constitute architectural spatiality acquire the function of luminal filter, through their softness and monotony, allows the introduction of a contemplative tranquility.

The lightness of the space is also expressed through a suspended seat that features the long corridor that serves Chapels. This server space and mediation receives and distributes all the natural light that enters the building. The windows located near the ceiling, breaking the thick wall. These openings are like diaphragms, capturing special pictorial moments of the steeple of the Church of Saints.






Promoter – Santos-o-Velho Church

Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Collaboration – Rosa Maria Bastos, Ivone Gonçalves and Ricardo Moura

Construction Company and Infrastructures – Soares e Gomes, Lda

Project/ Construction – 2007/2009

Location – Santos-o-Velho, Lisboa

Photos – FG+SG