Lagarteiro Neighborhood: Urban Renewal of Public Space 
[ IHRU Award 2012 | Rehabilitation and Qualification of Public Space]

The urban renewal of the public space in Lagarteiro neighborhood required an intervention of accuracy, able to act carefully in places considered fundamental. Five general principles were followed as a criterion for intervention:

- Overlay the proposed design compared to the current situation, ensuring the maintenance of the alignments of existing infrastructure and utilities;

- Adjust and resize the green areas of protection along the ground floors of the buildings, searching for a more balanced design that allows the creation of a larger area available between the streets and buildings, this new range of mediation will be occupied with parking areas and stay with street furniture such as benches, eco-points, telephones or drinking fountains. Resizing these areas will promote a better definition, through a set of curbs pre-cast concrete, avoiding thus the future misappropriation of these areas.

- Restructuring of the road system, ensuring accessibility to all emergency vehicles and cleaning services, and better definition of footpaths, the straighter possible, guaranteed crossings of roads with dropped curbs and walkways;

- General review of Infrastructures of the neighborhood, particularly in terms of water networks, sanitation, gas, security, telecommunications and special significance, public lighting, in order to avoid too obscure areas;

- Use of qualified and durable materials and conversion of green spaces for solutions with greater efficiency and ease of maintenance, the automation of irrigation systems.





Promoter – Municipality of Oporto - GOP

Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Collaboration – Rosa Maria Bastos

Structure – Miguel Villar/ BETAR, Lda

Water and Sewage – Andreia Cardoso / BETAR, Lda

Electricity – Luís Gonçalves / JOULE

Landscape Architecture – João Nunes / PROAP

Roads – Pedro Reis / ENGIMIND

Construction Company – Construtora da Huíla - Irmãos Neves, Lda

Project/ Construction – 2008/2012

Location – Bairro do Lagarteiro, Oporto

Photos – Inês d’Orey