João Gama Lobo Street, Montijo

The intervention in Rua João da Gama Lobo - Montijo, was aimed at rehabilitation of a two-level building, based on a very small budget. As a starting point, a demolition of all existing inner compartmentalization was done, a repair was performed on the structure of the peripheral bearing walls as well on the wood floor on 1st floor, finally was also redone the entire roof structure.

A new subdivision of houses is based on a separation between a more functional area (where are: bedroom, toilet and kitchen) and lounge area. The separation consists of an longitudinal division of the perimeters of houses. The shortage of houses meant that the area of mediation between these two areas was realized through a gap of 0.40 m, avoiding in this way the transition spaces. On the ground floor of the house took up further advantage of a small patio in order to prolong the house. At level 1 is the height of the right foot, coincident with the interior configuration of the cover that features the house.

At the outer level, took up the option of cleaning the facade of any ornament, accepting even the impact of infrastructure supported in hybrid white paint which now qualifies the building.








Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto and Rosa Maria Bastos

Collaboration – Ricardo Moura

Construction Company and Infrastructures – Valdarrosa, Lda.

Project/ Construction – 2008/2009

Location – João Gama Lobo Street, Montijo

Photos – FG+SG