Church project of S. João Baptista and Communitarian Center, Coimbra [ Competition]

Three main areas define the program of the new São João Baptista church: the religious cult area, which integrates the church, chapels and the sacristy; the communitarian area of social support, which includes class and training rooms, and; and the polyvalent area. These three areas are related among themselves through an axis, oriented in the east/west direction. This spatial definition, and the shape composition, allows that the entire building could be built on different phases

A white concrete block, related with the base of the confining buildings, features the Project. At top north, the project leans against the wall that limits the new neighborhood. This volume is also related with the slope of the hill, extending, through its green roof, the landscape expression of the surrounding landscape. A wide clerestory, which covers the area of the church, emerges at the center of the building, offering in the interior an oblique and constant light on the perimeter of the temple. The expression of the building is completed in the exterior with the vertical presence of the belfry and the cross.

The new São João Baptista church stated itself by the delicacy of its morphology, being a mediator element, between the buildings foreseen to that place and the hill that closes the neighborhood.






Promoter – Paróquia de S. João Baptista

Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Collaboration – Rosa Maria Bastos, Joana Moreira, João Almeida e Silva e Gonçalo da Silva

Structure – Miguel Villar / BETAR

Project/ Construction – 2015

Location – Urbanização da Quinta da Portela, Coimbra