Humberto Sousa Street, Montijo
[Honorable Mention IHRU Award 2012 | Rehabilitation of the Building Housing]

The construction of the Vasco da Gama Bridge, by reason of the Universal Exposition in Lisbon in 1998, introduces relevant changes in the development of the municipality of Montijo. This transformer outbreak has promoted an intense construction of the peripheral areas of the city in close to the new means of communication.

It is in this context that the house of Rua Humberto de Sousa, 42, integrates, constituting itself as part of a set of small-scale interventions carried out in the urban center of the city.

The intervention took account the morphology of the surrounding urban fabric, where narrow courtyards, tear the blocks allowing access to small housing plots. Another criteria used relates to the integration of a local materiality based on the application of cork.

The aim of the project was the creation of lighting and ventilation in the living space, for that was designed a longitudinal courtyard into the house structure. This blank lanky is characterized by the expression of cork, which guarantees the thermal efficiency of the intervened house, as the adjacent house. The interior is characterized by single architectural elements that shape and define spaces: the fireplace, the kitchen counter, the ladder, or mezzanine.

With this intervention was sought a creative, economic, humane and environmentally friendly action, basic criteria for sustainable urban regeneration.



Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto with Rosa Maria Bastos

Collaboration – Ivone Gonçalves e Pedro Baptista Coelho

Construction Company and Infrastructures – Valdarrosa, Lda

Project/ Construction – 2011/2012

Location – Humberto Sousa Street, Montijo

Photos – FG+SG