Central Bus Station of Rio Maior

The Central Bus Station of Rio Maior city stands out in a set of proposed interventions in the context of transport’s infrastructure listed in Summary Report of the Municipal Plan and the Strategic Plan of the city.

The Central Bus Station is a city door, a building that leads into memory when visiting Rio Maior, or a facility that receives all those who visit the city.

A slide or sheet of white concrete with high plastic intensity, which solves the whole proposal revealing through a highly transparency one "big box" coated by wood which organizes the program of building (ticket office, control of central, waiting atrium...).

The transparency of the building will allow users to enjoy the green environment that constitutes the formal sports area feeling the delicacy of the subject, sober and elegant exposing us to a dynamic and modern perception of a city in motion.




Promoter – Municipality of Rio Maior

Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Collaboration – Andreia Morais, Nuno Monteiro, Luís Miranda and Rodolfo Gomes

Urban Consulting – Leonel Fadigas

Structure – Mario Leitão / Sampriz, Lda

Water, Sewage – Francisco Alvim

Electricity, Telecommunications – Rui Silva e Santos, Miguel Leitão / EPETE, Lda

Acclimatization – Isabel Martins / EPETE, Lda

Fire Security Project - António Portugal

Construction Company – CONDOP - Construção de Obras Públicas, SA

Works Manager – Eduardo Cunha

Surveillance – Álvaro Samora

Project/ Construction – 2000/2005

Photos – FG + SG - Architectural Photography