The solution proposed refers to a building with dwellings in band, characterized by a covering of relevant expression in Southeast elevation, which displays inferiorly the materiality of wood structure. The building is characterized by a grilling in prefabricated concrete elements, which standardizes the Southeast façade functioning as a sunscreen and eye protection clotheslines. This grilling opens in alignment of spans, which according to a rational composition allows ventilate rooms and kitchens. Northwest side of the building features a facade of brick painted of white.

The houses are characterized by great simplicity in terms of its internal organization, offering few partition walls. Took advantage of concurrency is space, which will be enhanced by the integration of some mobile structures, mutant mode, organizing the interior pathways, creating the necessary privacies inside homes.

The buildings, functioning as autonomous units, were thought to be aligned in the band, completing in this way is compositional harmonization of the elevations. Replication of units built in the set will create a horizontal, low jig; from the point of view of integration of the built landscape have an interesting result.

The layout of buildings provides a longitudinal crossing in an intermediate portion of the topographic elevation, this was facilitating by a route of conditioning access to vehicles and entering the dwelling floor 0. Another option involves the layout of buildings in the Northwest end of the plot, getting free to leave a wide area exposed to the Southeast, where the arable plots are deployed. Through the areas of roads and public space in the upper bound of the plot, and arable land areas to support agricultural activities were installed.



Social Housing Project to Boavista Neighborhood, Lisbon

[Honorable Mention | Public Competition]



Promoter – Municipaliy of Lisbon

Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Collaboration – Rosa Maria Bastos, Joana Moreira, David Martins, Inês Amaro, Jorge Silva, Márcio Bonifácio, Mariana Brandão, Nuno Roque

Structure – Miguel Villar / BETAR

Water and Sewage – Andreia Cardoso / BETAR

Project/ Construction – 2013

Location – Boavista, Lisbon