Social Equipment / Assistência Paroquial de Santos-o-Velho

Assistência Paroquial de Santos-o-Velho is a private charitable organization (IPSS), which is located in Santos-o-Velho. Founded in 1932, the assistance has been devoting itself, throughout its 78 years existence to social support for the elderly and children. With this new building, this institution septuagenarian seeks to improve and expand its activities in the community. The proposed building comprises a social facility with the valences of Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary School and Day Care Centre.

The construction of this equipment will be held at the place where the public washer of Madragoa currently stands. The new building is characterized by a composition of great simplicity, seeking the better integration on site. The design of the new building looking for a Timeless image, while assuming a description achieved largely by the effect of the tiles on the facade.

The body of the building is defined, on the facade facing the street of Francesinhas, a winding up, something organic, which also results of a response to the impact of exposure to the West.

The facade of the body of the building facing the east, into the block, is much more open and torn, characterized by extensive balconies that relate directly to the outside.




Promoter – Assistência Paroquial de Santos-o-Velho

Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Collaboration – Rosa Maria Bastos, Ivone Gonçalves, Pedro Baptista Coelho, Gonçalo Oom Saldanha and Hugo Oliveira

Structures – Miguel Villar / BETAR, Lda

Water and Sewage – Andreia Cardoso / BETAR, Lda

Acclimatization – Galvão Teles

Security and Electricity – Rúben Sobral

Landscape Architecture – João Nunes / PROAP, Lda

Project/ Construction – 2011/…

Location – Francesinhas Street, Lisbon

Photos – Domitianus, Lda