Apartment Building


The project located in Loures city, consists of a volume that offers 4 types of dwellings with 2 bedrooms and two annexes deployed in East boundary of the land.

The construction is characterized by a cubic volume of great simplicity, consisting of two housing levels. The simplicity of the building refers to an identity rather abstract, which becomes autonomous discrete mode relative to the Neighborhood, which is characterized by buildings with low architectural quality.

As general design intent, sought to dilute internal typological dimension in the expression of the building, meaning, promoting a formal compaction of the mass in order to the design of the elevations were not evident the functional relationship with the interior partitioning. Thus we found a better integration with the nearest surrounding mainly consists of housing.

The openings emerge in each of the elevations designed according to an asymmetrical composition that should be analyzed as a whole, on 4 facades, since there is a unifying sequence of all facades.






Promoter – Alexandre Bastos

Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto and Rosa Maria Bastos,

Collaboration – Ivone Gonçalves, Pedro Baptista Coelho

Structure and Infrastructures – Nuno Saraiva

Project/ Construction – 2008 / ....

Location – São João da Talha