Urban Plan to Akureyri, Iceland

The purpose of international competition for Akureyri was to promote a debate of ideas for city planning. Based on the 1927 urban plan, the proposal was based on the consolidation of urban grid establishing a link with the coastline. At the center of all we propose to release the parking area for the construction of three units and built a new square. The proposed program is to create a hotel, a set of trade and services and a dwelling unit. The new plaza, where you can see the sea and the mountains, will be contained by the facades of new buildings on one side of the hotel and other building trade and services. The new buildings will have a dialoguing but contrasting aspect in relation to the new center of culture project.

An adjustment in the coastline will be introduced, allowing the implementation of a marina, a yacht club and the construction of a maritime station for ferries or cruises. Akureyri, will be linked to an international network of travel, getting who travels the world discovering the art of the cities by the sea and promoting the particularity of the mystery of Iceland.

Between nature and the city was found a balance, the same way as it explored the Botanical Garden as attraction of new Akureyri. The green image of the city will make the scenery of the marina. The lift will create a vertical marking assuming itself as a viewpoint where you can see the mountains.






Promoter – Association of Icelandic Architects

Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Collaboration – Gonçalo Lencastre and Tânia Campos

Project – 2005

Location – Akureyri, Iceland