Rehabilitation Project of Quinta de Baixo, Águas do Porto [Competition]

The proposal seeks its foundations in place. The intervention area is characterized by a romantic atmosphere, open over the Douro, the evocative imagery brought to Portugal by King King Fernando II and strongly implanted in Sintra, whose environments were somehow reproduced all over the country, as indicates the toponymy of Nova Sintra Park.

The project involves the surgical construction of an infrastructural column consisting in a mechanic vertical access; build in the interstitial space of mediation between the two houses that define the set to be intervened by replacing the existing occupation there. A new column is a volume that, in addition to enabling the elimination of architectural barriers between the four levels of the building, will articulate between Quinta de Baixo and Nova Sintra Park, both visually and physically. The volume acquires a hybridity of use, can be seen either as a lift for public use for all those wishing to move between the two Quintas, or as an infrastructure that resolves the architectural barriers of technical services of "Águas do Porto” company.

This infrastructural gesture will create fluidity between the various spaces belonging to "Águas do Porto", enabling the integration of work areas for technicians in association with the opening of a new cultural and leisure space for Porto city.



Promoter – Águas do Porto, EM

Architecture – Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Collaboration – Rosa Maria Bastos, Joana Moreira,
João Cardim, Nuno Roque, Gonçalo da Silva

Structure – Miguel Villar / BETAR

Project/ Construction – 2014

Location – Barão de Nova Sintra Street, Oporto